Blackberry JVM Error 545 Reset- Fix JVM error 545

If your Blackberry phone has started giving you JVM Error 545 message codes and you do not know how to get rid of them, you have come to the right place. Usually, upon receiving a JVM error 545 simply removing the battery from your cellphone should do the trick. This guide is for when the ‘battery trick’ does not make the JVM Error 545 problem magically go away. I’ve listed below a couple of steps to follow so you’ll be able to easily get rid of the jvm error code your Blackberry is showing.

Fixing JVM Error 545

  1. Before you get started, please make sure you have properly installed the Blackberry Desktop Manager [ Download BlackBerry Desktop Manager ] as well as the corresponding USB Drivers on your PC.
  2. Make sure you have downloaded a copy of your current Blackberry OS from your service provider. A simple Google Search will surely lead you where you need.
  3. Make sure your BlackBerry OS is up to date – if it is not, repeat step #2 and restart your phone. If JVM Error 545 code still pops up, continue to next step.
  4. Using the software called BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife (also called BBSAK – [ download link for BBSAK ] ) perform a full back-up of your data – option available from the “Backup Tab”  in the BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife application you have previously downloaded and installed.
  5. Perform a clean install of the BlackBerry Device Software using these steps:
    1. Connect your smartphone to the computer and open up the Blackberry Desktop Manager.  [ Download BlackBerry Desktop Manager ]
    2. Start the Application Loader process by double clicking on its icon. Hit the Next button to start the installation process.
    3. If you’re prompted for your Blackberry password, type it and click on OK to continue.
    4. Select the applications you want to load by clicking in the appropriate check boxes next to the application names and hit the Next button.
    5. Click on Advanced and then click the check box beside Erase all currently installed applications, afterwards, hit the Next button.
    6. Check the box “Do not automatically back-up the application data during the loading process”. 
    7. Make sure the box next to “Back-up and restore applications installed wirelessly” is not checked and hit the Next button.
Following the above steps by now you should be prompted with the message “The loading operation was successful”. Click on the close button and return to the BDM – Blackberry Desktop Manager application. Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading our article on the jvm error 545 and I hope you’re not going to run too soon into the even more dreaded jvm error 517. All in all, although the jvm error 545 code is not such a big problem, it can cause a couple of headaches if you don’t know how to go about it – luckily, the purpose of this website is to help you solve all of your jvm error 545 problems.
I hope you have enjoyed reading our article on the subject and will continue to visit us. For an easier browsing experience we recommended viewing this website on Chrome at 1600 by 900 resolution. If you are looking to bookmark our website, it’s as easy as clicking CTRL + D on your keyboard.
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  1. Got the jvm error 545 on my blackberry this morning – went on the Internet, searched a lot, browsed a lot of forums, got headache, found your website, fixed my problem – thankkkk you!

    For anyone else that’s looking to fix the jvm error 545 blackberry problem, read this article !

  2. I was going crazy trying to do a jvm error 545 reset on my phone till I found ur website, god bless u man for sharing info on how to get rid of the jvm error 545 and perform a reset.


  3. Tried your tutorial when I first got the jum error 545 code on my bb cellphone – worked really well to remove the jum error 545 from my screen – thanks !

    • Unfortunately, yes. There is another way around it, but reinstalling your previous OS is the best and safest way to go about it.

    • could you please be a little more descriptive ? Have you installed the Blackberry Desktop Manager and afterwards connected your phone and having problems ? Please, describe your problem a bit more detailed.


  4. Hi, my Torch has just recieved this error but my PC wont recognise my BB at all, the previous day i was transfering photos and now nothing shows up, can you help me?

  5. I got this problem and it’s killing me!! i got a blackberry torch 9810 and os7 and on my blackberry it just says reset…nothing else please help :@ :'(

  6. I just received the message and my phone won’t move from the white “jvm error 545” screen. It just says reply, I press it, it boosts 3/4 of the way and goes back to the screen. I downloaded the desktop manager and it doesn’t connect to my phone. I haven’t even had this phone a month yet and I’m in tears because I spent $450 for it. Do I have any other options besides the obvious?

  7. Tone : I have a storm and the bbsak won’t read it. The storm is stuck on this JVM error screen….HEEEEELP! Lol

    Same deal with me, is there another way to fixed this problem ? the bbsak won’t read my storm

  8. I want to thank you for this site, i have a bold 9900 for 1 month now … yesterday i say the error 545 … followed your steps and it went ok … keep up the good work.

  9. Hi , I have tried all of the above but I cannot get my phone to connect to the computer. I have the JVM error 545 screen with a reset button underneath the error code. I press reset , the phone tries to reboot but it takes me straight back to the error message. I have tried to connect to Desktop Manager and BBSUK but the phone is not recognised. Can you help please?

    • Do you have the latest Deskop Manager software ? Have you had problems connecting your BlackBerry cellphone to the computer before the jvm error 545 started showing up ?

  10. Hi before the error I had no difficulty to connect my bb to my pc, now it ask for a update, on what website can I download the os for my 9810.

  11. I got the jvm 545 reset error this morning, i av a bb 9300 an i cannot follow any of ur steps becos b4 the error came my laptop refused 2 recognise my device…. iIm now stuck with the jvm 545 error and cant get rid of it. Is there any other way i cud get round this?? Thanks :)

  12. i got jvm 545 error in my phone when i reset it mobile automatically go switch off i dont know what to do please help me how i resolve this problem?

  13. i can’t reset my bb torch 9860 with a jvm error 545, i tried to follow the steps but each time i connect my smatphone on my pc it automatically opens up and boom white screen with jvm error 545 appear at the middle and i can’t perform software upgrade though my pc recognozes my device. please help thanks

  14. Got a jvm 545 error. My device cNnot recognize by the pc. Do inhabe to download new desktop software? Have one but it is version 7.0 thanks

  15. Sorry this is my father phone how can i get the problem vicks the problem on my phone he show me a white. Screen and say error 545 and reset i rest it but nating works

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