JVM Error 102 Reset – Easy fix JVM error 102

Getting an jvm error 102 is not out of the ordinary and it happens more often than you could actually think. Frankly, a lot of people are complaining lately of getting a jvm error 102 code on their Blackberry smartphones and have started searching for a solution. Fortunately, you have arrived on the right website – we have covered most of the jvm error 102 codes someone might encounter when dealing with flashing or restoring their Blackberry cellphone.

Steps for fixing the jvm error 102 code(OS Wipe)

  1. Download and install the Blackberry Desktop Manager from this link: [ Desktop Manager Download Link ]
  2. If you have already installed the Desktop Manager for Blackberry and still have problems getting your phone phound by your OS, try re-installing the DM Software as well as the USB drivers that are available for your cellphone.
  3. Make sure you have downloaded a copy of your current Blackberry OS from your service provider. A simple Google Search will surely lead you where you need.
  4. After you have your Desktop Manager and phone connected and recognized it’s time to get down to business. Download BBSAK (Blackberry Swiss Army Knife) from here – [ BBSAK Download link ]
  5. If you want to, you could easily back-up your phone information using the available options in the “Backup Tab” of BBSAK.
  6. With BBSAK wipe your device completely, don’t worry if you will be getting a 400 error code at the end of this process – it’s completely normal.
  7. After the wipe has been completed, load the copy of your OS using the “Load OS” feature from BBSAK; wait for the process to finish.
  8. Boot up your phone – no more pesky jvm error 102 codes should show up.
To make sure everything is running smoothly and you’ve got rid for good of the jvm error 102, after you have completely wiped your system and successfully installed a fresh copy of your OS there are two more things you need to do:
  1. Do a wipe handheld to restore the phone to factory default settings, it will make it be more responsive.
  2. Go to Options – Advanced – Host Routing Table  and click on Register Now and reboot your phone.

Fixing jvm error 102 without OS wipe

  1. Download [ JL_cmder ]
  2. Connect your phone to the PC – using the cable that came with your cellphone.
  3. Start the JL_Cmder application and select option two – Event Log.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the log and look for “JVM Error 102” – there you will find the file that generated this error code. The error code should look something like the below screenshot.jvm-error-102-code
  5. Save the filename that’s generating this error, we will need it shortly.
  6. Go to Start – Run and type CMD (Windows)
  7. Change directory to where your JL_Cmder folder is located. Best would be to move it to the root of your C:/ partition (usually where your PC Operating System resides). Navigate to the folder where you have installed JL_Cmder using cd c:/Program Files/JL_Cmder/ (so the command is: cd [partition where folder resides]/[folder where it is in(assuming Program Files)]/[Name of the folder containing the JL_Cmder executable])
  8. Use the following command javaloader.exe -u erase -f FILENAME to remove the nasty file causing the JVM error 102, where FILENAME is the file name we saved before.
  9. Disconnect your phone from the PC and restart it –  no more pesky jvm error 102 codes should show up.
If this didn’t work for you, you should do a clean OS wipe, detailed in this guide, above. Well, there you have it – this is our complete guide on how to get rid of your Blackberry problems.
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  1. Last night I got the blackberry jvm error 102, reset problem as many other people and didn’t know how to fix it – using bbsak and reinstalling my BB OS cured the problem – thx.

    For anyone else looking to fix the blackberry jvm error 102, reset problem remember the last step in the tutorial above – it’s important.

  2. I was looking how to fix jvm error 102 and landed on this page – although I don’t really fancy your website design, the tutorial is very straightforward an to the point. Thanks for sharing your tips on how to fix jvm error 102.

    P.S: You might want to reconsider switching to a more friendly website design.

  3. Got the error 102 blackberry problem as well, I’m actually stuck at downloading a copy of my blackberry OS – I’m not very good at computers and I’ll wait for my son to get back from school to fix it.

    Is there an alternative way to remove the error 102 blackberry ?

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  6. Thanks the solution is very useful , Great! The tool-JL_Cmder !but stil I have a problem, I can’t input and read Chinese

  7. @Vicky Liu

    Try switching your language from Chinese to English (International); somewhere in your OS you should have this option. Unfortunately, the tools available for download on this page are written in English and don’t have International support …

  8. @Dhananjay

    What file did you erase and what are exactly the errors you are encountering ?


    Is your cellphone working proplery as of now or it is still throwing up errors ?

    @fer R

    Unfortunately, there isn’t – buy or borrow an USB cable and by following the above steps you should be able to get rid of your jvm error 102.

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