Fix JVM Error 513 – Reset JVM Error 513

The day you will encounter a jvm error 513 code or Java Virtual Machine 513 error is not a happy day, trust me on this one. Unfortunately, the only viabile solution to this problem is to completely wipe out your BlackBerry OS and re-install a fresh one using your provider’s latest OS copy for the type of BlackBerry you are using. I know, it sounds like you’ve got a pretty long day ahead of you (or night) but trust me – you’re actually getting it cheap, it’s one of the easiest to fix jvm error codes as compared to oh, I don’t know, the jvm error 545. So, buckle down, take a pen and a piece of paper and start writing down what you need to do to get rid of the jvm error 513.

Getting things set up properly before fixing the JVM 513 error is easy; there are only a handful of steps you need to follow. Remember when I said it’s an easy to fix problem ? I wasn’t lying then, was I ? I have outlined a couple of steps needed to follow, below. If at any time you will find yourself troubled, confused or don’t exactly understand what I’ve written, please (and I mean it) use the comment form at the end of this page and submit your questions so I can properly aid in your getting rid of the jvm error 513 problem.

Steps to follow for fixing the jvm error 513

  1. Download and install the Desktop Manager [ Download Desktop Manager Link]
  2. Download and install the BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife software [ BBSAK download link].
  3. Download the latest copy of your OS from your service provider.
  4. Back-up everything from your phone using the “Backup Tab” from the BBSAK software.
  5. Use the “Wipe Device” tab in BBSAK to erase the current OS on your phone.
  6. Use the “Load OS” tab in BBSAK to install a fresh copy of your OS – the one you formerly downloaded.
After you’ve clean installed your OS, make sure to do a factory reset just to be sure you are using the phone’s default settings. By now you should be seeing a “Congratulations” screen and have gotten rid of the jvm error 513.
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