JVM Error 517 Fix – Reset JVM Error 517

Fixing the jvm error 517 problem is not the easiest of tasks when it comes to Blackberry cellphones. I for one know how much trouble I’ve had with my BlackBerry Bold when I saw the jvm error 517 code on the screen – I tried removing the battery, the SIM card, restarting it – nothing seemed to work. Everything I was doing was actually beyond my technical knowledge of how cellphones work or are debugged. Nevertheless, I buckled up and started scouring the Internet for valuable information on how one could fix his Blackberry Bold when a jvm erorr 517 code showed up.

Remember those stories about how vast the Internet is and that you can find everything in there ? It’s true – I did find everything else, except what I was looking for, and that was how to fix jvm error 517 code. Finally, after reading on a couple of forums and digesting a couple hundred posts that had various people talking in debugging gibberish I managed to compile enough information on how one could actually perform a jvm error 517 reset and restore it’s cellphone to its original state.

Steps for fixing the jvm error 517 code(OS Wipe)

  1. Download and install the BlackBerry Desktop Manager from this link: Desktop Manager Download Link
  2. If you have already installed the Destkop Manager for BlackBerry and still have problems getting your phone phound by your OS, try re-installing the DM Software as well as the USB drivers that are available for your cellphone.
  3. Make sure you have downloaded a copy of your current BlackBerry OS from your service provider. A simple Google Search will surely lead you where you need.
  4. After you have your Desktop Manager and phone connected and recognized it’s time to get down to business. Download BBSAK (BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife) from here – BBSAK Download link
  5. If you want to, you could easily back-up your phone information using the available options in the “Backup Tab” of BBSAK.
  6. With BBSAK wipe your device completely, don’t worry if you will be getting a 400 error code at the end of this process – it’s completely normal.
  7. After the wipe has been completed, load the copy of your OS using the “Load OS” feature from BBSAK; wait for the process to finish.
  8. Boot up your phone.
Well, that’s about it – to be honest, I managed to summarize the info on how to fix jvm error 517 pretty nicely. Mind you, I had a couple of A4 sized pages on my desk with my notes on the matter that as of now look more like doodles. Nevertheless, I hope you’ve enjoyed and also found useful our guide on how to perform a jvm error 517 reset.

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10 Responses to “JVM Error 517 Fix – Reset JVM Error 517”

  1. Pablo Walstrom says:

    Followed the guide and was able to do a jvm error 517 reset – thanks for fixing my problem mate!

  2. admin says:


    I’m glad you found the tutorial useful. If you’ve got any other blackberry related problems, let me know!

  3. Daryl says:

    good day good sir,

    i was just wondering, i have a desktop manager already, my phone is detected but cant be connected, making the installation incomplete.. i tried googling the OS of my BOLD 9900 but several OS are available, i dont know which to choose.. when you said current OS, do you mean the current OS im using, or the current OS that is available for the unit? with this problems, i cant proceed with your instructions… thanks…

  4. admin says:


    I meant the current OS that is available for your unit. If you have anymore questions, don’t hesitate.

  5. muyiwa says:

    well while wiping my bold 5 it hung and the bbsak hung, now my phone won’t boot pass the blackberry loading screen.

    What do i do now?

    I need help asap

  6. admin says:

    @muyiwa – try restarting the process from scratch.

  7. Jessy says:

    hello i cant fix my bb I’m downloading the new updates for the software, but i need to know if i can backup in any way!?!?

  8. admin says:

    @Jessy – you can back-up everything on your BB with BBSAK – link to download is available in the post, above.

  9. cecille says:

    hi! thank you for your help in advance! :) i did the first 6 steps like u said, however, when it was time to load os, it says ‘no os found, pls install os for your phone even though i did download and install it on my computer from my service provider. can u pls tell me what to do? thank you so much! been awake all night just trying to sort out this jvm 517 error hassle! :(

  10. Otega says:

    I hve tried and tried this all but I still don’t find it helpful,first of all,I have downloaded DM but my phone can’t find it,secondly how do I the USB drivers that are available for my cellphone.I bought my phone from RIM and not from a service provider,do I still need to download the OS from my service provider?.and all the downlaod links you put up here don’t give me the links.Pls help by explaining in details.

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